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8/28/2013     Better late than never!   We have finally obtained our permit to remodel the brewing area!   One more step in the right directions.  Special thanks to our Architect Chuck Severance - CRS Architects, LLC,  our Engineer Scott Harvey, The Art of Engineering, Inc. and Jeff Smith our Contractor....

4/12/2013    WOW....  Busy Busy Busy.   Too busy to keep up on the Blog.  WE ARE OPEN!   We had a special appreciation event on 4/30 to say thank you to the many people who have supported us both by doing manual labor and with encouragment.  That was great fun.  Jason and Jason from the Jason Miller Band came up and really Rocked the house.  Beer and Food all around for a packed standing room only crowd.  Open day was on Saturday the 6th to another standing room only crowd.  We were trying to bring in extra tables and seats for folks.  Sunday was busy as well.  Thanks for your patience to those of you who had to wait too long for a cold beer or a hot sandwich!  We were working out the bugs in our new POS (thats POINT OF SALE!) system and training staff.   By Sunday we started blowing through kegs right and left!   We are all restocked now on beer and food and have already noticed a few "regulars".  

3/20/2013 Happy 1st day of Spring!!! Ok, so Todd and I went dark for a little while but we were busy behind the scene dealing with last minute complications, etc.... but all is back on track now! In fact.......... We got our liquor license today!!!!! Major hurdle behind us and we are getting very close. Our goal was to be open in early March but the "complications" held us up for a little while. Next step is the food service license and that application was turned in today. We are still working on the menu but that is gettiing closer as well. We have not decided on a POS yet but hope to have more info tomorrow. We are at the point where we will soon begin interviewing. For all of you who have expressed interested we should be contacting you soon to follow up. We still hope to be open in March.... so keep your eyes open and stay tuned......

3/5/2013 First keg of beer is set up on tap(PROST!) Jeremiah (Bristol) has been consulting on the set up. Thanks! Stay tuned for updates on which guest beers will be on tap at opening but we are discussing the virtues of Bristol's Beehive and Boulder Beer's Hazed and Infused at the moment. Still working on others. Feedback and/.or suggestins?

3/2/2013 T-Shirts are in!!! And going out fast. Contact Todd or Scott to get yours! Click here for colors.

2/24/2013 More decorations going up. We have added some incredible canvas prints from local Woodland Park photographer Lindsey Martin. Incredible!!! These prints definitely demonstrate why we choose to live in (or visit) the mountains! I have added some pics to our photo page but these don't come close to doing them justice. You will have to stop in to see them in person to really appreciate them. The prints will be available for sale and there will be price and contact info for Lindsey. Thanks for letting us hang these beautiful pics Lindsey!

We have received a number of inquiries via our contact us page regarding employment. I am keeping all of these and we will be following up soon. We have not started the interviewing process but hope to be doing so in the very near future. If you know any experienced servers/cooks the contact us page is a great way for them to let us know they are interested. sfj

2/23/2013 Went up to the Sysco kitchens in Denver yesterday to meet with their Chef as well. Good food, lots of good menu ideas. Doing some wood work (door, tables, beams, etc...) this weekend as well as more paperwork. Stop by if you see our trucks. sfj

2/16/2013 The Woodland Park Winter Beer Festival was great. Make sure you thank Bierwerks and the others that set it up. Met lots of great people and great beer. Had a nice impromptu gathering afterwards too! Thanks to all of you who stopped by to check out our progress. Check out the new pics showing the dining area and bar. Decoration going up now!

2/8/2013 BIG NEWS. Tavern Liquor License was approved by Woodland Park City Counsel last night! One more hurdle cleared for us to initiate Phase 1. Todd and I are off to US Foods kitchen in Denver this AM to talk with them about menu ideas and have their chef's whip us up a few samples. Thank you to all the folks signing in on our Guest Book! sfj

2/5/2013 Lots of work done this past weekend. I finished up the beetle kill trim in the main dining room. Boy it looks spiffy! We had enough beetle killed T&G to then cover that nasty pink tile on the bar. Sweet! If I do say so myself. Todd has been very busy getting all the kitchen equipment put back into the kitchen after we had it all professionally cleaned and checked out. We also had had the vent system cleaned.... but Todd went in and cleaned it some more! The fire suppression system has been checked out. The fire inspector came by and gave us a couple of to dos. We go before the city counsel on Thursday evening to see about our liquor license. We would love to have you join us for the moral support! We got a lot of the little leaks finished up but Ace is sending in a handy man to look at a few remaining plumbing issues for us. Oh yeah.... the signs are in!!!! Check them out on the photo page or come by next weekend when we hope to get them up. We are working on the menu, more paperwork, and getting things put back together after the remodel and thourough cleanings this week. Wish us well on Thursday and feel free to leave us some comments on our guest book! sfj

2/1/2013  Progress continues....   Water is turned on after we spent a day chasing down leaks everywhere!   Still a few small faucet drips, etc... but progress to have the water on.   Todd has completed the restaurant application for the county and submitted it.   The signs are in and should go up tomorrow.  We have worked out the details on the T-Shirts and will order soon.  More cleaning.... More painting... More wood trim... more paperwork.....  busy, busy, busy!!!   Drop by this weekend if you see our trucks up there.   The liquor license notice has been pasted and we go before the city counsel on 2/7.  Feel free to show up for moral support! 

1/28/2013  Well Todd and I had a very busy weekend.  Todd worked his *** off scrubbing down the kitchen to get it spick and span.  I worked on getting more of the Beetle Killed Pine up in the main dining area.  If you haven't check out the photo page please do so.   We had lots for friends drop by to lend a helping hand and we want to thank all those folks who did.  We had folks putting in some carpet in the stairwell, helping us to refinish the bar, and clean... clean... clean!   Lots of other work going on with paperwork for the restaurant operations, business operations, etc.....  but that doesn't make for good pictures or interesting reading!   We hope to turn some water on this week.  Who knows what will happen since it has been off for months now.   Could get interesting!   Thanks again for all the well wishes, moral support and manual labor!    sfj

1/23/2013 Wow!  It is really happening.  Todd and I appreciate all the well wishes and support we have been receiving.  Lots of folks have been stopping by when we are up there working and several have stayed to volunteer some time!   Special thanks to Travis for painting the bathrooms, and big thanks to Jeff and Bryan (Paradox) for bringing us some of their incredible beer!  

Todd and I have been spending a lot of time working on the building itself.  From the pics on our Photo page you can see much of the remodel going on.  We are shooting for Rustic Mountain Lodge..... what else for our beautiful small mountain town?   We pulled up the old carpet and refinished the hard wood floors, done most of the painting, are working on refinishing the bar, and lots of cleaning!   We have had a company come in this week to pull out all the kitchen appliances and scrub them all down... this includes the vent hood.  Another company will be coming in to inspect the fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, etc....  We have been working with insurance agents on quotes.  Our incredible artist Eva has been working with the T-shirt folks to get our logo screenprintable so we hope to start having SWAG avaialble very soon.  If you would like to pre-order just send me an email and I will try to make sure to get your size!   Scott Harvey, our engineer has been working on laying out the engineering plans for the future brewery operations piece.  He is working with our Architect Chuck Severance so that when we are ready to move foward with phase II we can submit all the requirements to the county, etc....

That brings up "THE PLAN".   At this point we are hoping to get the Tavern "Phase 1" up and running ASAP.  If you didn't see it in the paper today you will see that we have filed for our Tavern Liquor License which should go to the city counsel on Feb 7th.  We are doing a concurrent review with the state folks.  Todd is working on the restaurant application for the county, we have been meeting with supply companies, etc....   Our goal is to have the initial Taven with guest beers and some food by the end of February.  This will give us the chance to work out any bugs before the mad summer rush (we hope).  Phase II will be getting brewery operations up and running.  This will involve working with the county to get the improvments approved, getting the additional remodel done, getting the brewery equipment in, getting our brewer's notice and sumbitting a new application for our Brewpub Liquor License.  Then all we have to do is make beer!  Our goal is to have Phase II completed by end of May...ish.    

So.... it has been very busy and we are both tired but still excited.   Please don't hesitate to stop by and say hello (and pick up a paint brush or rag) whenever you see us up there.  If the lights are on or our trucks there we are probably working away and would be glad to show you around. I will try and keep the website up to date with picks and blogging and our event page.  Check out the photo page, use the guest book and feel free to contact us with any questions.  We hope to get our social media kicked off in the near future... but for now this will have to suffice.   sfj

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